Medical clearance

In most cases, medical clearance is not required for travel with Air France.

While medical clearance is not always necessary, Air France recommends contacting your primary care physician to determine whether you are fit for air travel in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy,
  • Recent surgery,
  • An appendage in a cast.

Medical clearance delivered by Air France's Medical Service is mandatory only in the following cases:

  • You are traveling with a stretcher or incubator,
  • You need oxygen therapy at a rate exceeding 2 liters/minute,
  • You may need extraordinary medical assistance during the flight due to your state of health*,
  • You have a contagious disease*.

* In these cases, recent medical clearance from your physician or a certificate from the airport physician is accepted.

If one of the following cases concerns you, please consult your primary care physician before traveling. To obtain an Air France Medical Service clearance, please download forms A and B:

They must also be sent to an Air France physician whose contact details will be sent to you by our Saphir service, your booking agent or your travel agency. Air France Medical Service determines if you are fit to travel (or not), and if so, issues your medical clearance.