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Discover the Airbus A350, the new addition to Air France's fleet

Since July 2023, Air France continues to modernize its fleet by gradually integrating new aircraft. In its new configuration, the Airbus A350-900 features 292 brand-new seats, with 48 in the Business cabin, 32 in Premium Economy, and 212 in Economy. The spaces have been completely redesigned to provide more comfort and are equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, and new technologies to adapt your journey according to your desires.

The Business cabin: comfort, elegance, and flexibility

The new Business cabin has been completely redesigned: new layout and new ergonomic seats that convert into a fully-flat, 2-meter-long bed. For storage, an additional space has been provided at the foot of the seat. 

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Custom intimacy

Solo or duo travelers can enjoy modular intimacy with a sliding door that completely privatizes your space or with a partition that can be lowered into a large table for a moment of conviviality in the central row. In the first row, the seats even have an individual wardrobe with a mirror.


Top-of-the-line technology

Each seat is equipped with the best technology to work or entertain, including a 20-inch anti-glare full HD 4K touch screen, a computer socket, USB A and C ports, Bluetooth connection, wireless phone charger, WiFi, and a new device pairing system between personal devices and the screen. A touch tablet, which serves as a remote control for the video screen, also allows you to adjust your personal space (seat position, light intensity, window shade), call a crew member, or activate the "do not disturb" function.


The Premium Economy cabin: modern and comfortable

Sit back and relax in the new Premium Economy seat. You will enjoy a 121-degree recline and 94cm/37 in of extra space to stretch your legs.   Ergonomic foams rise up to the shoulders for added softness and intimacy. Each seat has a latest-generation interface with a 13.3-inch anti-glare, tilting, and touch full HD 4K screen. In addition to USB-A and C ports, Bluetooth connection allows you to pair your headphones and your personal devices (smartphone, tablet) with the screen. A noise-canceling headset is also integrated into the seat.


The Economy cabin: updated comfort

With improved ergonomic foams for reinforced support and new covers with better hold, the new seats in the Economy cabin boast enhanced comfort and harmony. To enjoy your journey without compromising personal space, the new cabin features a cup holder and retractable support for your mobile device on top of the foldable tablet. Each seat has an interface with a larger, full HD 4K screen (13.3 inches), anti-glare, tilting, and touch. Bluetooth connection allows you to use your audio headset, while a pairing function will enable you to connect your phone or tablet and use it as a remote control. Finally, USB-A and C ports allow you to charge your electronic devices.

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