premium economy tray

Enjoy a true gourmet experience in the Premium Economy cabin

Embark on a culinary journey. Throughout your flight, treat yourself to quality dining designed for you.

A full meal that combines originality and quality.

To get started, we will serve biscuit aperitifs with a glass of champagne (or another beverage of your choice). After a delicious starter, you can choose between 2 hot dishes signed by Michelin-starred chef, Frédéric Simonin, for flights departing from Paris. Finish your meal with cheese and a delicious dessert, before enjoying coffee, tea, or a digestive. The wines and champagnes served with your meal are selected by Paolo Basso, the best sommelier in the world in 2013.

F Simonin premium economy

Throughout your flight...

Enjoy hot and cold beverages whenever you wish. Are you traveling far? On longer flights, a snack or breakfast will be served before arrival.

snack premium economy

A gourmet interlude

Treat yourself to a gourmet snack. Depending on your flight time, a box of sweet treats is available for self-service. On longer flights, you can also enjoy a yogurt drink and mini-sandwiches.  

gourmet interlude